AWS Interview Questions and Answers

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AWS Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the list of most frequently asked AWS Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced or Freshers.Prepare yourself for the cloud computing job interview.It will help you let out find all the solutions that are frequently asked in the AWS interview.If you want to learn AWS Training then please go through this AWS Training in Chennai


1. What do you understand by AWS?

This is one of the generally asked AWS developer interview questions. This question exams your basic AWS know-how so the solution must be honest. Amazon describes Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) as a web service that offers resizable compute ability in the cloud. they may be re-significant due to the fact you could quick scale up or shrink the number of server times you are the usage of if your computing necessities exchange.These services are highly scalable, dependable, at ease, and cheaper cloud computing services which might be outlined to work together and, applications hence created are more superior and escalade.


2. Explain the key components of AWS?

  • Simple Storage Service (S3): S3 is most extensively used AWS storage web service.
  • Simple E-mail Service (SES): SES is a hosted transactional email service and permits one to fluently send deliverable emails using a RESTFUL API call or through a regular SMTP.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): IAM presents improved identification and safety management for AWS account.
  • • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): EC2 is an AWS environment relevant piece. it's far chargeable for imparting on-demand and flexible computing resources with a “pay as you go” pricing version.
  • Elastic Block Store (EBS): EBS offers continuous storage solution that can be visible in instances as a regular hard drive.
  • CloudWatch: CloudWatch lets in the controller to outlook and accumulate key metrics and also set a series of alarms to be notified if there is any hassle.


3. What do you mean by AMI? What does it include?

AMI stands for the term Amazon machine image. It’s an AWS template which presents the facts (an application server, and operating device, and applications) required to perform the launch of an instance. This AMI is the replica of the AMI that is running inside the cloud as a virtual server. you could launch instances from as many extraordinary AMIs as you need. AMI consists of the followings:

•           A root volume template for an existing instance

•           Release permissions to decide which AWS accounts will get the AMI so one can release the instances

•           Mapping for block device to calculate the total volume so that it will be attached to the instance at the time of launch


4. What is the difference between Amazon S3 and EC2?

Answer: The difference between Amazon S3 and EC2 is listed below:

Amazon S3

Amazon EC2

The meaning of S3 is straightforward Simple Storage Service.

The meaning of EC2 is Elastic Compute Cloud.

It's far only a data storage service which is used to store large binary files.

it's far a cloud web service which is used to host the application created.

It is not required to run a server.

It is enough to run a server.

It has a REST interface and makes uses of  secure HMAC-SHA1 authentication keys.

It is far similar to huge computer machine that may deal application like Python, PHP, Apache and any other database.


5. What is Amazon EC2 service?

Amazon describes Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) as a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. They are re-sizable because you can quickly scale up or scale down the number of server instances you are using if your computing requirements change.


6. What are the functions of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud?

From the definition, we will see that EC2 is “resizable” and offers “compute potential”. Keeping that in mind let’s elaborate at the functions::

  • It provides compute capacity in the cloud meaning, EC2 gives the user complete control of his compute resources in Amazon’s infrastructure, therefore he can run them according to his requirement.
  • It is resizable that means, the user can set parameters on his resources to scale up and scale down as and when required.
  • It additionally offers varieties of tools to the developers to build failure resilient applications like Multi AZ deployment.


7. Explain the features of Amazon EC2 services.

Amazon EC2 services have following features:

  • Virtual Computing Environments
  • Proffers Persistent storage volumes
  • Firewall validating you to specify the protocol
  • Pre-configured templates
  • Static IP address for dynamic Cloud Computing


8. What is AWS Data Pipeline?

AWS data Pipeline is a web service that you may use to automate the movement and transformation of data. With AWS facts Pipeline, you could outline data-driven workflows, so that tasks may be dependent on the a success of completion of previous tasks.


9.How many storage options are there for EC2 Instance?

There are four storage options for Amazon EC2 Instance:

  • Amazon EBS
  • Amazon EC2 Instance Store
  • Amazon S3
  • Adding Storage


10. What is the use of the buffer in AWS?

This is among regularly requested AWS developer interview questions. Give the answer in easy terms, the buffer is specifically used to control load with the synchronization of various components i.e. to make system fault tolerant. Inside the absence of buffer, components do now not use any balanced technique to receive and process requests. However the buffer makes components to work in a balanced way and on the identical speed, hence results in quicker services.


11. What is the connection between AMI and Instance?

Many specific forms of instances may be released from one AMI .The kind of an instance typically regulates the hardware components of the host computer this is used for the instance. Each type of instance has wonderful computing and reminiscence efficiency..
Once an instance is launched, it casts as host and the user interaction with it is same as with any other computer but we have a completely controlled access to our instances. 

12. What is the purpose of T2 instances?

 T2 instances are designed for
Providing moderate baseline performance
Higher performance as required by workload

13. What is the default number of buckets created in AWS?

Solution this question without delay because the default range of buckets created in each AWS account is 100.

14. What is the procedure to send a request to Amazon S3?

There are two methods to send a request to Amazon S3 –
1. Using REST API
2. Using AWS SDK Wrapper Libraries, these wrapper libraries wrap the REST APIs for Amazon S3

15. What are the best practices for Security in Amazon EC2?

There are numerous best practices to secure Amazon EC2. some of them are given underneath:
Use AWS identity and access control (IAM) to manipulate get right of entry to in your AWS sources.
Restrict access via most effective permitting trusted hosts or networks to access ports on your instance.
Review the rules in your safety companies regularly, and make certain that you follow the precept of least
Privilege is the most effective open up permissions that you require.
Disable password is based on totally logins for instances released from your AMI. Passwords can be observed or cracked, and are a protection threat.

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