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Orange Technomind 27-Sep-2019
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What is JMeter?

JMeter is an open source application that can be used to execute performance testingload testing and functional testing for your web applications. Since it is an open source you can download JMeter’s source code to analyse and modify it if you want. Stefano Mazzocchi of the Apache Software Foundation first designed it. He is now a software engineer at Google. It has become one of the most popular testing tools beside Selenium and Load Runner.


Advantages of using JMeter

  • It is an open source software which means that it may be downloaded free of price. It's also a 100% pure Java application. The developer can use its source code, can modify and customise it as according to their requirement. They also can make contributions their code to make a better JMeter.
  • The user can set up and use It effortlessly just download it from internet, deploy and run. It is a Java desktop application it comes ready to use with default settings. It does not require you to have any unique competencies or area expertise to apply it.
  • It is advanced in Java that is the most popular programming language in the global. Consequently, it may run in any OS be it Window, Linux or Mac.
  • It can generate the effective reporting. The test result may be visualized by means of the usage of Graph, Chart, and Tree View. It supports specific formats for reporting like text, XML, HTML and JSON.
  • User can do any kind of testing they need to test. Load test, stress test, functional test, disbursed test, multi-functional tool.
  • You may customize it as according to your requirement and follow the automation testing to JMeter. You can save the attempt of executing test cases manually.
  • It helps numerous protocols like HTTP, FTP, soap, JDBC, JMS, and LDAP. It is able to additionally be used for testing the performance of your database.


Disadvantages of using JMeter

  • It can simulate heavy load and visualize the test record. This will consume lots of memory and can lead out of memory below heavy load.
  • It is right tool for testing web application however it isn't an appropriate tool for testing desktop application.
  • It is not a browser, so it cannot run JavaScript inside the web application. It has limited guide for processing JavaScript or Ajax, this could affect the accuracy of simulation.


JMeter Features

Extensibility, portability as well as robustness are a number of its key functions. it is Java based technique and thus it supports all applications based totally on same. It is feasible for the users to have final outcome in graphical or in tabular form. Test scripts may be created very fast and that is because of play returned characteristic that JMeter is equipped with. Additionally user needs not to fear about the protocols that can be tested through this device.


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