Best SoapUI Interview Questions and Answers

Orange TechnoMind 26-Feb-2021
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If you’re searching for frequently asked SoapUI Interview Questions & Answers for fresher and experienced candidates, then below are the list of top 25 interview questions which will help you grab success in your interview.
1.What is SoapUI?
SoapUI is an free open-source cross-platform  used as a solution for functional testing.SoapUI is used for testing of web service.
2.Explain Web Services?
These are web components utilized to transfer data between server and client. The client will send a web request for the server then the server responds to the client. This response and previous request are connected and diverse requests evoke the parallel response.
3.Does Soapui Support Ssl Authentication?
4.What are the communication channels available for a web service?
In general, web service is combined with the following protocols. They are,
  • HTTP / GET
  • SOAP
5.What are the different components can be used in the web services?
These are the components used in web services. They are,
  • WSDL – Web Service Description Language
  • SOAP – Simple Access Object Protocol
  • UDDI – Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
  • RDF – Resource Description Framework
  • XML – eXtensible Markup Language
6.What are the tools used for testing Web services?
To perform functional testing for web services, we will use the subsequent tools
  • SoapUI
  • RESTClient – This is a Firefox plug-in
  • JMeter – Specially made it for performance testing tool and also we can do functional testing the web services.
7.Why we prefer SoapUI?
  • Easy to install
  • An interface is easy to use and understand
  • Availability of automating the test cases
  • Mocking availability
  • Easy Integration
8.What project formats are available in SoapUI.
SoapUI mainly supports two project formats:
1)Standalone projects
2)Composite projects.
9.What programming languages are supported by SoapUI.
Soap UI supports Groovy and JavaScript programming languages.
10.What is Groovy Scripting?
Groovy Scripting is a language utilized for testing web services.
11.Where is Groovy script used inside the SoapUI?
It is used in two places:
  • Script Assertion within a test step
  • Groovy script test step
12.How to automate web services in SoapUI?
  • Create a project and add it to WSDL file
  • Add the test suite, test case, and test step
  • Custom validation using groovy steps
  • Call the external data source if any
  • Add ascertains (if any)
  • RUN the test
13.Explain what is the properties In Soapui?
Properties in SOAPUI is used to retrieve and store data. The data is stored as key, value or format.
14.List different types of assertions used in SoapUI?
Following are list of various sorts of assertions utilized in SoapUI
  • Contains & Not Contains
  • XPath match
  • XQuery match
  • Schema compliance
  • Soap Faults
  • Response SLA
  • WS security Status
  • Script Assertion
  • WS- Addressing Request or Response Assertion
15.What is the XPath Assertion in SoapUI?
It is utilized to declare the web service reply by giving the entire path. If this path is matching with the solution, the test case will be measured as PASS else; it'll be knowledgeable as FAILED. We will observe the outcomes of the declaration at the end of the supervise, and the Assertion tab has resulting information there.
16.What is WSDL?
WSDL (Web Services Description Language) is that the standard format for describing a web service. It's written in XML. It provides the information about web methods and web services.It describes Origin of the web service, Header information, Port type, Input and output messages
17.What is a JDBC Status assertion?
The JDBC Status assertion validates the execution of the JDBC request of the target TestStep
18.What are RESTful Web Services?
The RESTful Web Services are based on REST architecture. They implement the REST architecture using HTTP methods.
20.How do you manage database operation in Soap UI?
We can manage database operation in Soap UI using a TestStep namely, JDBC Request.
21.Mention the levels used in SoapUI to Structure Functional Tests?
SOAP UI uses three levels to structure functional tests:
  • TestSuite: It is a pool of test cases used for combining functional tests into logical units
  • TestCase: It is a group of test steps that are bring together to test some specific aspect of your services. You can augment any number of testcases to test suites
  • TestSteps: They are “building blocks” of functional tests in SOAPUI. They together makes TestCase and determines the flow of execution of the service to be tested.
22.Where will you use Properties in SoapUI?
You can read property values into the following:
test step endpoint, header values, username, password, POST, domain, PUT, DELETE and GET.
23.Mention what is the general format for reading the custom or default property value?
The general format for reading the custom or default property value is ${#levelname#key}
24.What is UDDI?
Universal Description, Discovery and Integration- a directory or global repository where all the web services can be found. A new Webservice can also be registered through this. This is also the place where WSDL detailed definitions are found.
25.What is RDF?
Resource Description Framework- RDF contains the description of the web resources such as title, author, content, and copyright information. It is written using XML. 
26.How can assertions be added in SoapUI?
Receive a response to a request as you normally would follow the below steps:
  • Create a project, add WSDL
  • Add Test suite, Test case and Test steps
  • Run the request
  • To add assertions:

             – Click on the Add Assertions at the top of log tabs.

             – Configure the assertions as per the type and data required.

27.How can you access project name from Groovy Script Test Step?
28.What is Data-Driven testing in SoapUI?
It is used to store test data that includes input /expected output in an outside data source as Excel or Database or an XML file. Far along, we need to repeat the data source by the respective component. SoapUI uses Loop test steps to perform data-driven testing.
29.Can the custom code be added to SoapUI? 
Yes -Groovy steps and Javascript steps.
30.Name the data sources that can be used in SoapUI?
  • Excel Files
  • CSV Files
  • ODBC Sources
  • SQL / ADO Objects

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