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Orange Technomind 27-Sep-2019
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Software Testing is the process of executing already developed computer software to ensure its performance as well as quality in terms of capability, efficiency, reliability, compatibility, usability, security, correctness anc completeness. Usually, software developers take up the job of software testing to determine that it meets specified requirements without any failure. Software testing can be done through manual & automation testing methods.

What is QTP Tool?

QTP was developed by Mercury Interactive and acquired by HP. It is widely and most popularly used Functional/Regression Test automation tool. Today's software market there is a rapid increase in the use of QTP as a functional regression testing tool due to its ability to facilitate automation of user actions on a web or client based computer application.

Aspects of QTP

QTP is not using any Proprietary Script. It uses commonly available VBScript. So writing script will be simple. And also, vbscript is commonly used in lots of locations consisting of web development (ASP), and in windows administration works. So we will easily locate lot of already to be had user-defined features and help articles inside the internet.  It supports COM model which means any methods and properties of any COM based application can be easily accessed from QTP. Actually it can be used simply as Record and Play type tool for automation of simple steps on simple applications. However it has to be considerably utilized by writing user defined functions and plenty of other capabilities to get greater advantage from it. There are numerous checkpoints to be had in QTP. They’re standard Checkpoint, text Checkpoint, Bitmap Checkpoint, Database Checkpoint, accessibility Checkpoint and XML Checkpoint.

It can support external add-ins; it can be used for many different applications. Some add-ins like ActiveX, Visual Basic, Web are built-in with QTP, and some other add-ins like Java, .net, TE (Terminal Emulator) are external add-ins. It can be closely integrated with the Test Management Tool Quality Centre (QC). QC can be correctly used to run QTP scripts in multiple remote machines to complete execution of many take a look at scripts in much less time. The user friendly IDE which has keyword view, expert view, Data table, active screen, object repository editor/manager, step generator, function generator, object highlight function,  recovery scenario supervisor, update run feature and simple check/action dealing with functions makes the Script developer/execution work clean. The IDE is included with beneficial tools along with Object Spy. The IDE has standard development functions which include Debug.

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