Essential Factors for Key Success in Automation Testing

Orange TechnoMind 27-Sep-2019
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Testing is one of the most important functions in any software development lifecycle because obviously the presence of any bugs or defects will interrupt the functioning of the system. Software testing is used in almost all software production organizations around the world to guarantee its target market that the products they are offering as safe, effective and of superior standards.

The automated software testing is getting adopted by more and more organizations every single year. Test automation is very widely used by companies due to the many benefits it offers. Companies that fail to make the switch risk falling behind their competitors in terms of efficiency, product quality, and organizational stability. At present market offers plenty of exclusive automatic test tools serving various functions. This is why it isn't always a smooth undertaking to select the right ones. Test on Automation overcomes the human mistakes.

Software testers are always in demand with the increasing need for specialized testing services. The task of a software Tester requires not just fundamental knowledge about tools and techniques however additionally a certified training in Automation testing. Regularly students from non-IT background with passion to go into software industry find Automation Testing as an awesome opportunity. Certifications like ISTQB might be added gain in interviews.


Understand and Dedicated Team

First of all the team needs to understand that automation is essential. Tester’s involvement in test data generation, report analysis, installation, script creation and result analysis remains vital. The testers should realize that automation testing is assisted by computer and is not a fully automated process. Everyone should be dedicated and committed to the cause.


Choose the Right tool

Choosing the right automation test tool is the key success of test Automation. You have to consider elements like cause, performance, user friendliness, type of product and price. There are lots of tools available you may locate the excellent suitable one suits as in line with your requirement.


Choose the Right Tests

Choose the right testing methodology is the key success in test automation and also monitor test coverage fit to the project. Understand what types of testing are to be performed: graphical user interface testing, functional testing, usability testing, load testing, compatibility testing or other type of testing.


Prepare Test Automation Strategy

When you are through with the right test and the automated testing tools, you're properly prepared to create your test automation approach to your customers or enterprise. Automation method creation is taken into consideration to be a completely crucial element. To emerge as an excellent automation test engineer, you will be the right person to initiate with getting ready the test automation method, finalizing the tools, common value and ROI calculation.As you'll want to outline and develop the path to help you to reduce the manual testing hours and provide justice at the ROI of the customers.


Automation is extremely beneficial in such situations and as such may have an effective impact on business enterprise profit and time management. It clearly makes testing greater efficient and powerful.Learn the Automation Testing from Orange TechnoMind, the leading Software Testing Training institute in Chennai at Affordable Fees. You can begin your learning on the updated curriculum of Automation Testing Training in Chennai for fresher’s and job seekers who wants to start their career with software testing tools. We are providing Performance testing, Automation testing, Mobile testing, Big Data application testing and ETL testing with experience professionals. You can learn from fundamental to advance level with more practical oriented session





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