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Orange TechnoMind 27-Sep-2019
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Selenium is the best test automation tool for testing web-based applications. It is an open source portable and automated software testing tool owned by the Apache Software Foundation. It can operate across different operating systems and different browsers. Selenium is for Software Testing Professionals and it is better understood if the learner has basic understanding of Java or any other object oriented programming language.

Open Source

It offers all the advantages which open source software offers. It includes no licensing price and is straightforward to customize as according to user request.


The selenium automation tool can be installed on almost all operating systems including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera

Platform Portability

Selenium allows them to write the script once, and run it on more than one platform in addition to browsers to test the web application


Selenium is highly flexible you can customize your test automation. This is possibly Selenium’s best strength whilst as compared with other automation tools.

Easy to Use and Implement

Selenium gives a user friendly interface to create and execute test suites. The open source nature of Selenium allows the user to put in writing his very own extensions. You may effortlessly upload functionalities to the test cases and framework and customize the tool in keeping with the task requirement.

Multiple Test Environments

Selenium allows the testers to use a range of IDEs, Integrated Development Environments, such as Eclipse, Net beans, and Visual Studio, and many more.

Programming Language

With a few testing tools, testers ought to write scripts in a particular programming language. This requires them to analyse that language to write down scripts. Selenium permits you to write scripts the use of any programming language. Additionally, a ramification of tools can be used to generate reports, build systems and create IDE.

Loaded Selenium Suits

Selenium is not just a singular tool or utility, it a loaded package of various testing tools and so is referred to as a Suite. Every tool is designed to cater to unique testing needs and necessities of test environments. Additionally, Selenium comes with capabilities to guide Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, and Selenium Remote Control (RC).


Selenium assist is community based and an active community guide permit steady updates and improvements. Those upgrades are quite simply available and do no longer require precise training. This makes Selenium innovative and price-effective as nicely.

Reusability and add-on

Selenium test Automation Framework uses scripts that may be tested without delay throughout multiple browsers. Simultaneously, it is feasible to execute multiple tests with Selenium, as it covers nearly all factors of functional testing via implementing add-on tools that develop the scope of testing.

While Selenium has emerged as the maximum desired take a look at automation tool, there came up many Selenium training courses. The Selenium training online/ classroom mode is currently the within the hit listing of all the software testers. Selenium tutorial makes it very easy to apprehend the working of this testing tool and check out Selenium interview questions


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